Working to stop exploitation and abuse in Southeast Asia

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Stop Exploitation Now! is supporting organizations fighting the trafficking of women and children for sexual slavery. We are supporting organizations like APLE in their efforts on this front, as well as developing our own projects to prevent future victimization.

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As part of this initiative, we have funded the following:

  • Providing legal assistance to exploited children
  • Providing social service support to sexually exploited children
  • A childcare center for the children of former sex workers
  • Vocational training programs for highly vulnerable teens and former sex workers
  • Small business startup support for former sex workers
  • A social worker to provide support to sexually exploited children
  • A drop-in center that provides medical care and counseling for current sex workers
  • A new roof and other structural repairs for a shelter for under-aged victims of sexual slavery in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia
  • Food, toys, books, tricycles and clothes for the infants and toddlers of women victimized by prostitution
  • Efforts to prosecute individuals who commercially exploit women and children

Due to privacy concerns we are unable to show pictures of specific clients. The photos shown on this page are of children we have met in our travels.

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STOP EXPLOITATION NOW! is a Washington State charity granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS. Our tax identification number is 20-2634587.